Cory & Tyler

Cory & Tyler


Every couple has it's own character. Young & crazy, quiet & calm, some couples goes nut about little details, others don't. They simply know - it's not the main thing on this Big Day. And you know what? They are right :) The most important thing is to celebrate the love and share it with your beloved ones. There is no bad or good couple type, as long as you're yourself in front of our huge lenses, that's fine ;) This is why every wedding is so different and you never know how it's gonna end.

Cory & Tyler met long time ago, but patiently waited until one day - it's time. It's time to make a promise and create a beautiful family together. Congrats to this lovely couple, who are still in love ♡ 


The best thing to hold onto in life is Each Other

~Audrey Hepburn